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Reno co-hosts new radio show Electric Western Radio

Reno and partner Jacob Jones have launched Electric Western Radio - a weekly radio show devoted to 50's and 60's rock and roll, soul music, doo wop, girl groups and garage rock. Tune in each week to hear a new batch of hand picked tunes from that era of rock and roll. The show airs Friday nights at 7 pm CST on Nashville's new Americana Station "Roots Radio" 89.5 FM WMOT or stream it live at www.RootsRadio.com. If you miss the broadcast, listen to archived shows at www.ElectricWesternRadio.comRead more
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Petty Fest - Los Angeles 9/13/16

Reno will be joining the Cabin Down Below band for Petty Fest in Los Angeles on September 13. The show features guest performances of Tom Petty tunes by Jakob Dylan, Carly Rae Jepson, Dhani Harrison and more. Tickets are available HERE


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DylanFest at the Ryman Auditorium

Reno will be performing in The Cabin Down Below Band as part of Dylan Fest at the Ryman Auditorium, Nashville on May 23 & 24. The show is a celebration of Bob Dylan's 75th birthday and features Emmylou Harris, Jason Isbell, Kacey Musgraves and others singing Dylan songs. Tickets for the event go on sale Sat. April 16. Click HERE for tickets. 



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"Walk That Walk" (Single)

by Tennessee Muscle Candy

Led by Alexis Saski, Tennessee Muscle Candy is the newest addition to Nashville's rock and roll scene. This first single, produced and co-written by Reno Bo, is a catchy, three-minute jolt of psychedelic garage pop. With a theremin solo. Saski's powerful, soulful, and feminine vocal leads the charge and cuts through the guitars, organs and drums with defiant power.

Words and music by Alexis Saski and Reno Bo copyright 2016 Martin Road Music (SESAC)
  1. "Walk That Walk" (Single)

"How Do You Do" b/w "Eat At Home" (DIGITAL 45 SINGLE)

by Reno Bo

The fourth single from Reno Bo's album LESSONS FROM A SHOOTING STAR is out now. The Digital 45 Single containing both songs is available exclusively here at www.RenoBo.com. The "A-Side: "How Do You Do" - a track taken from Reno's new album LESSONS FROM A SHOOTING STAR. The "B-Side": "Eat At Home" - a cover of Paul McCartney classic from the album RAM.
  1. 1 How Do You Do 02:58 Info Buy
  2. 2 Eat At Home 03:32 Info Buy

"Strange Maps" b/w "Box Of Rain" (DIGITAL 45 SINGLE)

by Reno Bo

The third single from Reno Bo's album LESSONS FROM A SHOOTING STAR is out now. The Digital 45 Single containing both songs is available exclusively here at www.RenoBo.com. The "A-Side: "Strange Maps" - a track taken from Reno's new album LESSONS FROM A SHOOTING STAR. The "B-Side": "Box Of Rain" - a cover of The Grateful Dead classic written by Phil Lesh and Robert Hunter.
  1. 1 Strange Maps 03:57 Info Buy
  2. 2 Box Of Rain 05:23 Info Buy

"The Brighter Side" b/w "Have You Seen Her Face" (DIGITAL 45 SINGLE)

by Reno Bo

The second single from Reno Bo's album LESSONS FROM A SHOOTING STAR is out now. The Digital 45 Single containing both songs is available exclusively here at www.RenoBo.com. The "A-Side: "The Brighter Side" - a track taken from Reno's new album LESSONS FROM A SHOOTING STAR was co-written with Brendan Benson. The "B-Side": "Have You Seen Her Face" is a cover of The Byrds classic written by Chris Hillman.
  1. 1 The Brighter Side 02:58 Info Buy
  2. 2 Have You Seen Her Face 02:31 Info Buy

"Put Your Foot In It" b​/​w "Magic Shadows" (EWR Digital 45 Single)

by The Electric Joy

Where I’m from, when you’ve acquitted yourself in a spectacular fashion – maybe you made a killer pot of red beans, or played a particularly nasty lick on your guitar – someone might pay you the highest of compliments and say that you’ve “put your foot in it!” And goddamn if The Electric Joy haven’t gone and done just that: They’ve put their foot in it in the BADDEST of ways with their new single “Put Your Foot in It,” a hand-clapping blast of psychedelic soul power. Pride is a sin, or so they say, but it ain’t pride when it’s true, and this tune is the outtasight gospel TRUTH. One bonafide hip-shaker would be enough – lord have mercy! – but good things sometimes come in pairs, and there are TWO pure jolts of groove for all y’all to dig here – “Magic Shadows” is the second half of this dynamite disc, and it’s a SMOKER of epic proportions. Dare to call it a B-side and it might smack you upside the head.
This time of year, we’re all searching for that particular platter that’ll get us through the summer, a jam that’ll do you right morning, noon and night. Well, look no further: This is IT, baby. Going to a dance party? Drop these on the hi-fi and watch the dance floor blow UP. Having a late-night rendezvous? These tracks will keep the house rockin’ ‘til the break of dawn. The Electric Joy is the group and they bring you EXACTLY what they advertise: ecstasy through voltage. So what are you waiting for? Turn it up and…


- Gabe Soria
  1. 1 Put Your Foot In It 02:46 Info Buy
  2. 2 Magic Shadows 02:47 Info Buy


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Lessons From A Shooting Star is the new album from Nashville based, New York born songwriter, musician and producer Reno Bo. 2010 saw the release of and a tour in support of his debut album Happenings And Other Things. Before moving to Nashville TN, Bo spent the previous several years on the road playing bass with fellow New Yorkers Albert Hammond Jr (The Strokes) and The Mooney Suzuki and as leader and songwriter of The Fame (whose name Lady Gaga is rumored to have used as inspiration for her album of the same moniker.) 

Bo was a middle-school kid living in Poughkeepsie, New York, when a friend gave him the Beatles' White Album on CD for Christmas. Bo hadn't listened much to classic rock radio; he was a pop fan, raised on Beach Boys records and the doo-wop songs of his parents' youth. The White Album blew the doors wide open, though, kicking Bo down a classic rock rabbit hole filled with the Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers, Big Star's #1 Record and Led Zeppelin I. There was no turning back. 

Years later, those early influences are on full display with Lessons From a Shooting Star, an album that mixes the hooks and harmonies of classic pop music with the size, sweep and swagger of rock & roll. It's Bo's second solo record, with the multi-instrumentalist handling virtually every job — from the songwriting to the bass guitar to the vocals to the production — himself. For a musician who'd spent the past decade touring the world as a member of other people's bands, Lessons From a Shooting Star was a chance to focus inward. It was a chance to make music that was completely his. 

Lessons From a Shooting Star may be a modern album, but its basic ingredients — jangling electric guitar, B3 organ, harmonies, double-tracked melodies, Farfisa — cook up a sound that's nostalgic, too. “The Brighter Side," a power-pop track co-written with Brendan Benson, could've been tracked at Ardent Studios during the 1970s, rather than Bo's own Nashville apartment during the mid-2010s. A similar vibe anchors songs like "How Do You Do, which he recorded with guitarist Sadler Vaden, the only other musician to make it onto the album. With its influences proudly worn on its sleeve, Lessons From a Shooting Star nods to the music that shaped Bo's life back in New York while still pushing forward to something new. Looks like the guy has learned his lessons well. 

On Happenings And Other Things, Bo worked with Fountains Of Wayne main man Adam Schlesinger (“Stacy’s Mom”, “That Thing You Do”.) His music has appeared on the hit ABC-TV show "Nashville" and in television commercials for Taco Bell, US Bank, Hardees, Kleenex, and others. He’s been seen and heard on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and famed British radio DJ John Peel’s “Peel Sessions” in the UK. As a member of the Cabin Down Below band - a collection of NYC musicians who produce Petty Fest, a tribute to Tom Petty in cities all over the U.S. - Bo has performed on stage with Norah Jones, Jakob Dylan, member of Kings Of Leon, Ann Wilson of Heart, Butch Walker, and Donald Fagen among others. If you pause your DVD player quickly enough, he can be spotted playing with The Mooney Suzuki in DreamWorks Pictures war satire Tropic Thunder, starring Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr.



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